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VIDEO: Loading a 2-Wheeler

Learn the safest & most effective ways to pivot with weight.

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VIDEO: Using a Ramp

Use these techniques for stability during repeated use of a ramp.

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The Ultimate Guide to Injury Prevention in the Workplace

Ready to simplify workplace safety? With just a few simple steps, along with how-to's, keep your employees safe and work to keep your workplace injury free. 

Maximizing Team Potential in a Socially Distant Workplace

Get the guide and learn how to implement streamlined communication & training in a socially distant workplace in order to maximize potential and give time back to your team. 

“A driver who can’t work, can’t take care of the customer, or take care of their families because they were in a serious collision is just as invaluable as a driver who twisted their ankle because they weren’t exiting the cab correctly. We want our employees to get home at the end of the day in the same way that they left. Worklete enables us to do this more effectively than any other injury prevention program that I've worked with in my career.”

- Norman Johnson, Director of Driver Development, HubGroup


Is Your Workplace Suffering From Costly Preventable Injuries?

According to Liberty Mutual's 2019 Workplace Safety Index, disabling workplace injuries cost companies more $55 billion per year. Get the guide to identify whether your workplace is suffering from the most costly preventable injuries. 

Leveraging Human Movement for Injury Prevention

Learn how a strategy as simple as leveraging human movement has become a key to injury reduction among frontline employees. With outlined steps highlighting the importance of proper movement, every day movements will look and feel different for your most crucial employees. 


Worklete Case Study

Learn how one client has reduced injury costs and kept employees productive & on the job through Worklete's digital safety program.


“Seasoned route employees returned after using the Worklete approach singing its praises. The most common responses were, ‘less soreness’ and ‘less fatigue.’" 
-  Jennifer Jones, Senior Manager of SHE Compliance
Nestlé Waters North America


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