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Workforce Enablement Platform

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Top 5 Reasons Frontline Teams Choose Worklete:
  • INJURY PREVENTION: Mitigating risk, extending careers
  • ACCESS & EASE: Mobile-first for effective and efficient user access when not at a desk
  • EMPLOYEE BENEFITS: Recruit and retain employees
  • SKILL-BUILDING: Easily skill, up-skill, and re-skill employees
  • CONNECTIVITY & MANAGEMENT: Ability to effectively connect with and manage a distributed workforce at scale
4 Simple Steps to Onboard & Implementation
  • Schedule a Discovery Call with our Content Team to learn more about the common tasks and risk factors of your team workload
  • Provide an excel file for your team’s enrollment
  • Download the app to frontline devices
  • Go-live!XX

Hear from The frontline

General - Hype Video - Testimonials Across Industries (1)


“There’s no comparison to our previous solution. The web-based content, posters, videos, quizzes, and support for getting the knowledge to our drivers is significantly more effective…”

Driver Development

“Almost every truck driver has a smartphone these days. Being able to access the Worklete trainings on their mobile device is huge.” 

Driver Development

"A driver who can’t work, can’t take care of the customer, or take care of their families… We want our employees to get home at the end of the day in the same way that they left. Worklete enables us to do this more effectively than any other injury prevention program that I've worked with in my career.” 

Driver Development

"Worklete enables us to keep our drivers safe more than any other injury prevention program that I've worked with in my career."

Driver Development

“I’ve had several back surgeries in the past few years. If I had known about Worklete earlier in my career, I could have prevented years of handling product in the wrong way.” 


"I use the Worklete program not just for work, but in my everyday life!  I'm confident it has helped me move & lift not only more efficiently but without injury!"

Frontline Worker

"I believe in Worklete and feel like it can keep our employees safe if properly used and followed."

Frontline Worker

As a driver, I found the weight lifting techniques I learned in high school to be no longer valid (2005).  I appreciated the updated info on how to protect myself. Especially keeping my chin tucked and maintaining equal distance between chin, chest and belt.  Thank you again!"


“Our drivers drove 2.4 million miles last year with 0 DOT reportables,  and we’ve had 0 loss time injury since Worklete began. 0 injuries overall. Worklete fits into our culture, it compliments our safety program. Our role as leaders is to ensure our drivers get home safely every day. Whether it’s Smith System or Worklete, that’s our job and Worklete fits right in” 


"Good morning, We have started Worklete in our El Paso, Texas locations and we are loving it. Thank you.” 


“Had a different training recently with an outside trainer (not Worklete) and they had several people come up to the manager after saying they were doing it wrong based on what they've been learning in Worklete.” 

Shift Supervisor

“I hear people walking around and shouting 'Worklete' to each other and they know they have to adjust something.”


“Just wanted to thank you and let you know that Worklete is having a HUGE impact on how I do things at work and at home. I'm working at correcting my duck walk that I've had for my whole life and just staying more aware in general of how I am moving my body around. Keep up the good work! Thanks again” 


“An athlete is precise, calculated. They’re not moving thoughtlessly. The “work like an athlete” sticker on my dashboard reminds me to think about what I’m doing.” 

Delivery Driver

“Like an athlete, if he can’t play, he won’t be paid. I don’t want to be benched for injury.”

Delivery Driver

“Online platform is easy to access and very intuitive. The content is brief, applicable, and to the point. When you have strong initiative and smart people it’s a great process.”

Terminal Manager

"My guys have already started showing other drivers what they learned, which tells me they believe in it. You guys have a good, unique service that provides value. I will admit, I was very skeptical when this was 1st launched in Monroe.  The more tailored the instruction gets to what we do, the more return we get.  I can say I am now a believer."

Regional Manager

“When I asked my safety management team ‘What’s the best way for us to reduce injuries’, they said ‘Implement Worklete!’. We can’t wait to roll it out to new locations!”

Director of Safety

"We haven't had a single injury in any of my locations. Prior to implementing worklete, it seemed like we were averaging two per week, and now we are at 0 so I am a huge advocate of the program.”

Health and Safety Manager

“I have been making a conscious effort to use the Worklete lifting techniques and it works.” 

Warehouse Worker

"We've been making comments to each other everyday around the warehouse, ‘nice stance!’ or, ‘good job bracing!’ it’s helped create a focus on it daily.” 

District Sales Manager

"The program is awesome and pertains to the drivers. They can relate to everything they’re seeing.”

Field Supervisor

“People are correcting each other regularly. The regular reinforcement is key...Top of mind for everyone. Whenever I lift something at home or work, I catch myself and try to correct.”

Off-Premise Sales Manager
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Hub Group Trucking

Employee retention & productivity.


Nestlé ReadyRefresh

600 work days without injury or accident.



Reduced driver injuries by 65%.


Beverage Distribution


Warehousing & Distribution


Freight Logistics



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